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Lux LADYBIRD Facial ($165 – 80 MINS)
This luxurious facial experience is coupled with thorough clinical enhancements. Modalities and treatment may include:derma-planing, customized peels, dermal infusion, LED therapy, micro-current, lymphatic drainage massage and or cupping, high frequency, and pore clearing. This facial is recommended for first time clients.

Dermaplane Facial ($135 – 45 MINS)
A stainless steel blade is swept across the face, this gently separates debris and impurities from live active skin. By angling the blade at a 45 degrees, maximum skin exfoliation is achieved. Enzymes and stimulants are used during treatment, leaving skin immediately hydrated and more youthful.

DIAMOND GLOW Dermalinfusion ($135 – 55 MINS)
Package (3 $300) – Package (5 $500)
Diamond Glow dermalinfusion takes microdermabrasion to new levels by combining particle-free exfoliation with revolutionary skin hydration system, resulting in a refreshed and more youthful you. Using medical grade diamond exfoliator, the Diamond Glow treatment smooths and resurfaces skin, clearing pores while also plumping up cell tissue. Noticeable improvements after just one treatment.

Lymphatic Facial ($125- 75 MINS)
This luxurious facial includes cleansing, exfoliation under steam, lymphatic massage of the face, neck shoulders, arms and hands, extractions, skin analysis, custom mask and finishes with a cranial massage. Organic skin care option available.

CLEAN & CLEAR Facial ($110 – 60 MINS)
This effective acne clearing facial focuses on calming inflamed skin and removing acne bacteria and clogged pores. We use the purest ingredients that help increase skin’s immunity while combating hard to treat breakouts. Double cleanse – steam – light peel – extractions and blemish zapping high frequency to kill any bacteria on the skin – soothing hydration.

Medium Depth Chemical Peel ($195 – 45 MINS) 
Acne scars, deeper wrinkles, and uneven skin tones of red and browns, will be addressed by medium depth peels. Chemicals used for this treatment, remove skin cells from the outer layer and the the upper middle layer of the skin. Expect 3-7 days of downtime

CHEMICAL Treatments ($85 – 48 MINS)
Package (5 $375)
Chemical peels are a topical solution applied to the face, neck and declotte to address acne, acne scars, aging skin, crows feet, wrinkles, skin discoloration, and sagging skin. These treatments leave the skin, tighter, brighter and lighter.

EXPRESS Extractions ($75 – 45 MINS)
This no nonsense treatment helps to control acne by removing acne bacteria and black heads. Double cleanse, 15 minutes of steam, hot towel compresses and extractions, leaves pores clean and refined.