Featured Artist

“Art is healing at our fingertips…both to create and to surround ourselves with. While my primary love is working with metal & glass sculpture, I work with a wide variety of mediums including painting, encaustics and jewelry. I am continually combining mixed media works, inviting one medium to join another to see how they dance with one another and the feeling that their dance creates. My greatest pleasure is to be invited into a space to meet with clients and to create something specifically instilled with the energy that best supports the space. Nature is my teacher and this vehicle of creativity, my greatest offering.”

Lisa Deniz showcases boundless talent and creativity in her paintings, fused glass, metal sculptures, and mixed media. Her work is an innovative compilation of light, color, and texture that reflects spiritual awakenings and the quest for personal growth and enlightenment. With special emphasis on commissioned works, Deniz infuses her intentional designs with nature, energy and spirit that promotes well being.

Deniz was schooled in London and later earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from the University of California, Davis. She is a native of Nevada City and has traveled extensively, gaining soulful insights from native people and their cultures. These experiences are translated into the imagery and essence of her work. Deniz’s poignant art communicates, connects, challenges, and inspires self-awareness.

Creating original designs from her new studio in Nevada City, Deniz also has commissioned work adorning residential and commercial spaces, including public buildings in the Sacramento region. Yoga teacher and founder of the YogArt Experience, Deniz also provides retreat & workshop offerings that ignite the creative spirit. A guided journey that combines breath, meditation, inquiry and yoga to unleash the power of creativity.